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Peninsula Catholic High School provides its students with a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum through which students may earn a General Studies or Advanced Studies diploma at the end of four (4) years of high school study.
All students are encouraged to follow a college preparatory program of study, as this is the main academic focus of the school. In determining a program and selecting courses, a self-­appraisal of interests, attitudes, and career goals should be undertaken. Also, because college entrance requirements vary, students should investigate early on the specific entrance standards of prospective colleges. The College and Career Counselor is available to assist in this process.

Students are accepted at Peninsula Catholic High School based on their academic potential to successfully complete graduation requirements. These include the basic credit requirements for graduation from a secondary school as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the specific credit requirements of Peninsula Catholic High School.

Summer Program Guide
The Summer Program Guide has all the information you will need for academic, athletic, service, and other responsibilities over the summer.
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