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Seniors of the Month!

Posted On: 4/12/2018 9:46 AM

Carmen and Rachel are honored this month

The spring semester is flying by, and this month we have 2 seniors to honor. 
Both of these young ladies exemplify what it means to be a PC student. They consistently show kindness, dedication, and hard work.
Here's what the faculty and staff had to say about our seniors of the month...
Our first senior is such a vivacious person and her enthusiasm ignites others. She gives 110% at all times. She is involved in all aspects of high school life and has volunteered, on multiple occasions, to speak and promote the school in the community. This senior does a wonderful job speaking in Mass. She has a reverent composure that sets the right tone. Carmen supplies her powerful pipes to many of the school's events, and adds something special to the school in more ways than one. Throughout her time at PC, Carmen has shared her (abundance of) enthusiasm, spirit, talent and more to make our school and community a better place. Congratulations to Carmen C.

Our next senior has also promoted the school in the community, and has visited  multiple area  parishes  to speak about PC.  Rachel is responsible and caring. She is a powerhouse of the senior class, getting her peers organized and working together. She is always willing to help out, especially to provide an artistic service to our school! She does it all with a smile on her face and a pep in her step. Despite her demanding schedule, she is a constantly polite, respectful, encouraging and joyful with others. She is a great Knight and we always feel confident knowing this young lady is representing PC. Congratulations to Rachel J!


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