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Sue Wilkinson Nominated for Diocesan Teacher Award

Posted On: 3/20/2018 11:25 AM

Beginning this year, the Office of Catholic Schools will recognize an educator from each of the three vicariates in the Diocese of Richmond for the Excellence in Catholic Education Award. Each school in the western, central, and eastern vicariates will select and send forth a nominee that best represents excellence in our Catholic schools. The purpose of this award is to highlight and honor the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of our educators who serve our children and our communities while exemplifying the mission of the Office of Catholic Schools.

The nominee should:
Have a strong personal commitment to Catholic education
Support growth in Catholic faith, values, and respect for truth and learning
Demonstrate exceptional commitment, leadership, and service to the school, parish, and/or community
Have evidence of lifelong learning
Held in high regard by supervisors, peers, parents and students

A survey was sent out to our faculty and staff to select the teacher they thought best represented these qualities and while we have many worthy candidates, the teacher selected to represent Peninsula Catholic for consideration of this award is…. Mrs. Sue Wilkinson!


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