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Posted On: 4/27/2017 1:24 PM

Using the Distance Learning Center to Learn With Students in Mexico

Students in Mrs. Weser's Economics class are working with their peers at Prepa Tec Santa Catarina, in Monterrey, Mexico on a multi-cultural economics project. The students have researched the economic and monetary policies of their nations and are now using technology to video conference about the following:

What economic policies can be applied to increase a country’s GDP?What economic policies can be applied to solve an inflation scenario? Is it every man for himself or should the two countries work collaboratively to increase their economic output, reduce poverty and increase the overall well being and life quality of their citizens?

This week the students met each other in our Distance Learning Lab. In addition to introductions and a little bit about policy, the students talked about the differences in school lunches, parking, classes, etc.


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