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PC Forensics Does it Again!

Posted On: 2/9/2017 11:06 AM

Team wins tournament at New Kent

PCHS Forensics team competed at the Peninsula Forensics League Tournament of Champions this past week in New Kent. A number of our students stood out from the crowd:

Shubana M - fourth place, Poetry
Autumn H - fourth place, Serious Dramatic Interpretation
Madison C - third place, Serious Dramatic Interpretation
Jennifer J - third place, Poetry
Naima S - third place, Prose
Shirin S - second place, Poetry
Heather N - second place, Prose
Isabelle B - first place, Children’s Storytelling
Naima S / Natalie H - first place, Serious Interpretation Duo

And as a team, PC are the Peninsula Forensics League Champions! Congratulations to you all!


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