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10 Things You Need to Know About Getting Into College

Guiding Principles of College Counseling From PC's Resident Expert
PC's College and career counselor, Dan Batkin, shares his notes on how to get where you want to be.

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High School Hacks

Lesson 1: It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Resume.
contributed by Maureen Crone on 12/9/16

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How to survive (and even thrive) in High School: Advice From Seniors

Contributed by Maureen Crone and PC's Class of 2018
Contributed by Maureen Crone and PC's Class of 2018

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My Last Season

A Senior Looks Back on Victory, Defeat, and Room to Grow
contributed by Julia MacMasters on 11/22/16

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It Takes a Village

How We Stand up to Bullying, One School at a Time
Contributed by Laura Sanlorenzo, M.Ed., LSC on 10/7/16

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The PC Spirit

How the Holy Spirit moved through our school community this year
Contributed by Sue Wilkinson and Maureen Crone on 7/24/17

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How to Survive and Thrive in High School

Sage Advice From Upperclassmen
Contributed by Maureen Crone on 9/7/16

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Tuition 101: Three Steps to Affording a Private Education

contributed by Maureen Crone on 8/25/16 
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