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Student Service Requirements

Students are required to complete at least 15 hours of service independent of class service projects or club related service.  Students are expected to do at least 10 of their 15 service hours in or with their church community. Parish ministry must be signed by the supervising parish leader. If students are not members of a Catholic Church, they must focus their service on their church, other community organizations or institutions. Most of the service hours should be completed with one organization in order to help students grow in understanding and build meaningful relationships with the people they are serving. In addition, students will complete an additional 5 – 10 hours of directed service as part of their theology class (see pp.34-35 of the Parent-Student Handbook).
All service hours must be legibly recorded on the Christian Service Hour form and turned in to Mrs. Hinojosa no later than THE LAST DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK regardless of which term a student takes Theology.  Students who do not complete their service will receive an “Incomplete” for their theology class. The policy regarding an “Incomplete” class will be enforced as outlined in the “Academic Policies” in the Parent­/Student Handbook.  Each student will write a reflection paper on their service as part of their final exam.
Failure to turn in your service hours on time will result in a deduction of 5 points from your final theology grade.
Keep a personal copy of your service hours for your use in applications for honor societies and college.

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