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Peninsula Catholic High School incorporates a resource program for students with documented learning disabilities, as well as those who have been diagnosed “at risk” for failing in an academic setting. Students with disabilities who are accepted by the Peninsula Catholic Admissions Board have specific “accommodations. “

An Accommodation is defined as a support or service that is provided to help a student fully access the general education curriculum or subject matter. Students with attention deficit issues, for example, may be accommodated by preferential seating OR students with processing disorders may be accommodated by extending time on assessments. An accommodation does not fundamentally change the content of what is being taught or the expectation that the student meet a performance standard applied for all students.

A Modification is defined as a change to the general education curriculum or other material being taught that does fundamentally alter the standards or expectations for students with disabilities. The expectations of what the student will master are different from others and the curriculum goals are individualized. Modifications are not provided at Peninsula Catholic High School.

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